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Kevin Devine "Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong"

In simplest terms: Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong is a grown-up break-up (or break-ups, as it were) record, for strugglers by strugglers, a kitchen-sink 10th album pivot, painstakingly brought to life by two career-long collaborators and their shared (& split) obsessions.

The mission: alchemize a chainsmoked series of destabilizing life experiences into something musically dynamic & progressive & expansive;

be lyrically evocative & excavating & unflinching without irresponsibly printing your journals;

navigate two successive endings, and the “how did I get here,” and the dark night of honestly assessing the soul, and digging a tunnel, and the stubborn humanity in beginning again.

(It’s also sort of a fatherhood record.)

And now: to get people to hear it.