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Typhoon "Offerings (Roll Call)"

Offerings, the fourth LP from Portland indie rockers Typhoon, is a majestic, mysterious journey. A story about the loss of memories told in 4 parts and inspired by the art singer/songwriter Kyle Morton was consuming at the time. Films by David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, Fellini; the writings of Samuel Beckett; as well as the paintings of Bosch and Rorschach paintings. The result is an acoustically led rock and roll album with a sound somewhere between The Decemberists, early Arcade Fire, Califone, and other literary rockers, but with a haunting quality that is all Typhoon’s. More haunting than an actual Typhoon? I imagine an actual typhoon is far more scarier than it is haunting, so the award goes to the band, not the weather phenomena. Check out the unforgettable “Remember.”