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Nada Surf "Peaceful Ghosts"

In the summer of 2016, while the rest of us were busy wasting the days away watching the summer olympics (I honestly don’t remember one thing that happened, so that was time well spent…) Nada Surf was busy recording their new album Peaceful Ghosts (Barsuk). And by new album, I mean greatest hits. And by Greatest Hits I mean live with a full orchestra. Anyone playing along with the home version of BRM knows that we hold Nada Surf near and dear to our hearts. They were our very first placed band. So chances are you know what the boys sound like normally, right? Well this time around, they went back through their catalog and hand-picked some classic jams to give the gift of recording them with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra. They have found new depths with this one. Take, for instance, the haunting string chills that now accompany “Blizzard of ’77.”