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Sequoyah Murray "Penalties Of Love 12″ (Thrill Jockey)"

Penalties Of Love is the new EP from Atlanta’s Sequoyah Murray. A mixture of modern soul, hip-hop, east African music, and the music of Arthur Russell. The result is an artistic, soulful collection of songs. So, of course, this release is coming to us from Thrill Jockey… Wait a sec… *checks notes* Uh… yeah… this is a soul EP on Thrill Jockey… huh. You think you know someone, right? I’m glad that we can still be surprised by our friends! His experimentalist and multi-instrumentalist skills are on full display here, as are his smooth baritone vocals–it makes total sense that he’s toured in support of Xiu Xiu in the past. Surely, this is just the start of something big from the talented 21-year-old. So while we wait for a full length check out the slow build of “Penalties Of Love.”