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Dead Tooth "Pig Pile"

Dead Tooth‘s music reminds us of if you could compress a packed DIY space into an .mp3 (perhaps a .wav if you’re a snob). Each fuzzy, cigarette stained riff is that sweaty somebody crashing into you, spilling their beer, and then calling you a loser for wearing pastels to the basement show (maybe that only happens to us). While intense, there’s a reason we keep going back to those shows, there’s something beautiful in it’s vulgarity – The same can be said for Dead Tooth. Their new EP Pig Pile offers a downright nefarious collection of tracks. Often reminiscent of garage revivalists like The Spits or Oblivians, the cadre of scruffy Brooklyn dwellers also manage to take detours into art-rock and post-punk. Check out Riverboat if you enjoy monolithic waveforms, and Nightmare America if that story about being called a loser at a punk show resonated with you.