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Yann Tiersen "Portrait (Mute)"

It would be all too easy to fall down a rabbit hole of explanation when it comes to this new Yann Tiersen album Portrait (Mute)-which would explain why I’m about to do it (hey look! All my favorite rabbits are down here too! I see Bugs Bunny, Thumper, JoJo, Harvey, Peter, Roger… Oh no! I fell down a rabbit hole within a rabbit hole!) Portrait is a career-spanning retrospective of Yann’s immensely beautiful and important work. This is not a compilation of previously recorded work, as it’s all been rerecorded and rerecorded using analog recording equipment. The result is “a vital album that fizzes with the excitement and energy found at a live concert, but packed into a studio album.” Thanks Mute! Dip your toe in anywhere here and you are bound to fall in love, but if we must (and we must) start with the reworking of “Rue de Cascades.”