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Kate Tucker "Practical Sadness"

Kate Tucker is back with a new batch of songs! Practical Sadness “is not slow nor is it sad. It is alive. It is for you.” That’s according to Kate’s words about the album on pledgemusic. So why is she warning you that the album is “not slow” or “sad”? Well, with a name like Practical Sadness, she wants you to know what you’re really in store for. So do we–after all, what is a blurb really but a collection of words that let you know what you are in store for? So what are you in store for? (besides no more use of the term “in store”?) A fantastic collection of Kate’s Petty-esque roots rock, with melodies as timeless as a great pair of jeans, all delivered by Kate’s emotive, smooth voice. Check out “It’s True.”