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The Get Up Kids "Problems (Polyvinyl)"

Chances are you already know what you think of this new album from The Get Up Kids. I mean, it is their first album in 8 years. But chances are if you are a fan you’ve been filling that long gap in with their back catalog. If that’s the case, then you are in for a real treat because Problems (Polyvinyl) fits right in with their great past works. Anthemic choruses, melodies and lyrics you’ll be singing along to in no time, and more pop-punk guitar lines than you can shake a stick at. Also, put down that stick! You’re inside! Sticks are for the outside you heathen! Pay attention to the music! This is some positively soaring new music from emo forefathers The Get Up Kids, and they are here to show the kids how you really emo. Check out the positively danceable self-reflection of “The Problem Is Me.”