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Circuit des Yeux "Reaching For Indigo (Drag City)"

I am willing to tell anyone who will listen how much of a fan of Circuit Des Yeux I am. Her beguiling mix of theatrics, art-pop, sophisticated arrangements, and here disarming baritone vocals… I just can’t get enough. Seriously, I’m willing to go on and on about how I think shes today’s Annie Lennox. Ok, so I might not be so much fun at parties. But I’m built for writing blurbs! Reaching For Indigo is her latest album, and her first on Drag City. This time around, her sound is even more fleshed out, yet somehow also more sparse than the last time around. How’d she do that? She’s a goddamn magician, that’s how. Don’t make me bore you with my love of her sound, just check out the psych-folk Van Dyke Park meets Nico shuffle of “Black Fly.”