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Ought "Room Inside The World (Merge)"

Ought is back with their third LP, but their first for Merge Records. Which means that Room Inside The World is our (meaning BRM’s) first real introduction to the band. Had we heard the buzz? Yes. Had we heard tunes we liked by them? Yes. Had we listened to an entire album before? No. Did we now? Yes. Do we love it? We sure do! What’s it sound like? Hmm… imagine if Antony and the Johnsons, Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, and Panda Bear (sorry, that’s all the bear bands allowed in this blurb) all formed a supergroup in an attempt to cover only tunes by The Jam. Yeah, it’s a heady mix of influences. The result is a beguilingly current look at indie rock of the ‘90s. It’s deadly serious and silly at the same time, which is a rare, but welcome, combo. Check out the bouncy distress of “Disgraced In America.”