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Goldfrapp "Silver Eye (Mute)"

Goldfrapp are back. Wait. That’s an understatement. Goldfrapp are blissfully, amazingly back. Silver Eye (Mute) is a joyous, future-leaning, otherworldly dose of electro-pop. As Alison Goldfrapp says in the press release for the album, “We’ve never liked repeating ourselves,” and that is an obviously true statement once you’ve heard the new album. A healthy dose of ‘90s electronica, Radiohead-esque shifts, modern EDM nods, and even hints at Thrill Jockey noise metal bands like Borders. But all these strange influences lead to an infinitely listenable dance-pop album that’s just as home in a club as it is at an art gallery opening. Check out “Anymore,” the first single from the album.