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Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities "Sincerely Yours: Greatest Hits Vol. 2"

Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities are here, bringing you sincerely great tunes with the sincerely titled Sincerely Yours: Greatest Hits Vol. 2. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Will I be lost if I didn’t listen to the first volume?” Nope! Doesn’t exist! The title is a bit tongue in cheek. Now I know what you are thinking again. “But you said the record was sincere and the title was too!” My answer to that is-gimme a break. I’m just trying to write a few simple “jokes” and convince you to check out this stellar slice of retro-fueled soul. If you’ve never had the extreme pleasure of hearing EE and this mighty horn-fueled Sincerities, then this is the time to correct that. Check out the high-soaring “Flying” or the anti-gentrification stomp of “Fun City.”