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Tristen "Sneaker Waves (Modern Outsider)"

Sneaker Waves (Modern Outsider), the third full length album from Nashville’s Tristen is full of songs, each one different. I know.. i know… Every album is full of different songs (now that we’ve moved past the cash grab-y remix albums of the ’90s) but this is different. You don’t really know what kind of genre tune you are gonna get next until each tune starts. Will the next tune be dream pop? Well, if you’re listening to “Got Some” then yeah. What about a tune that sounds like Dolly Parton covering Rick Springfield? Then you must be listening to “Alone Tonight”! There are tons of new genre surprises to be found here – (no ska-metal… I assume she is saving that for the next album) so let’s start with the aforementioned “Alone Tonight.”