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doubleVee "Songs For Birds And Bats"

doubleVee are back! Hmm… I wonder, what are the two Vs they’re referring to? Vinyl Vengeance? Very Vintage? Vicious Vanilla? The meanest vanilla in town? In fact, doubleVee’s music would fit very nicely in a cartoon about Vicious Vanilla, a very mean ice cream cone that is terrorizing a western town in a new animated series that exists only in this blurb. Barb and Allan Vest… oh right! Those are the two Vs! Vest and Vest! Anyway, you know Allan from his work as the leader of Starlight Mints, and the sound on their lovely new EP Songs For Birds And Bats isn’t that far off from the quirky orchestral indie pop they were known for-except now we are lucky enough to also get vocal stylings from the talented Barb. Two Vs that sound great together! Songs are replete with sonic shifts, hints of just about everything from doo-wop to glam rock. It’s a cornucopia of wonders! Check out “Ladder For The People.”