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Hatchie "Sugar & Spice EP (Double Double Whammy)"

Sometimes a bit of music is released EXACTLY when it should be. Case in point? Hatchie’s debut EP for Double Double Whammy Sugar & Spice. Here it comes, right when its getting nice outside (assuming it actually is gonna be nice outside). Harriette Pilbeam’s music is a tonic for these hard times (also, if I did my googling right, it’s the middle of winter in Harriette’s Australia, so she did this for YOU!). Dreamy, positive, jangly, you couldn’t ask for a better antidote for the turdstorm that 2018 is turning out to be. At times the sounds are a little like if Best Coast was covering Kylie Minogue covering The Cure. I know, that’s a little confusing. But these sweet sounds are anything but confusing. In fact, in a perfect world, “Sure” will be THE summer hit. But as I alluded to earlier (see: turdstorm) its not a perfect world. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be your summer hit. Check it out!