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Luke Roberts "Sunlit Cross"

It isn’t an easy trick to be an effective, moving musician that generally is known for the classic folk pairing of voice and guitar and also NOT be considered a folk musician. Thankfully, Luke Roberts has traversed those choppy waters and has made a name for himself with his sparse yet expansive sound. At first blush, his resonating voice and sparse arrangements might remind you of Mark Kozelek, but those comparisons are superficial. His sound actually has more in common with Bonnie “Prince” Billy in it’s heartwarming/heartworn wistfulness. Luke has begrudgingly referred to his genre as “redemptive blues,” and though he didn’t want to label, it’s a pretty accurate description of his sepia-toned Americana-esque sound. Dig into Sunlit Cross (Thrill Jockey) with the autumn-in-the-air sounds of “Run.”