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OUT "Swim Buddies"

Swim Buddies (Comedy Minus One) is the rocking, anthemic full-length debut from Kalamazoo, MI’s OUT. Shifting from pop-punk to ‘90s college radio seemingly on a dime, it’s pretty obvious that the mates part of bandmates comes first. OUT had a BLAST making this record, and you can hear it in every tune. Thick, Built To Spill-esque chunky guitars, a Teenage Fanclub ear for melodies, and a coat of flaxen gold. Ok, I made the last one up. At least I think I did? I haven’t seen them live yet, so I can’t say for sure anything about their coat. But I do know that hot damn, I love this record. Vital and modern with a touch of throwback indie? Yeah, that’s for me. Check out the Perfect From Now On vibes of “Dance, Like.”