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Tal National "Tantabra (FatCat)"

When people ask me what I think the next big thing is gonna be in rock music, I like to say “who knows? But chances are it isn’t gonna be American.” When I say such things (besides thinking about how lovely my voice sounds) I’m always thinking in a very World Music/David Byrne sort of way. That dude knows what’s up. So does Tal National. The latest from the Nigerian rock band Tantabra (FatCat) finds them further stretching what us in the west would consider “rock” music. African grooves and key signatures, mixed with guitarist Almeida’s super hot licks, and a rotating carousel of vocalists (8 to be found on this record, one for each of the tracks). I would not be surprised if the “next big thing” sounds a lot like Tal National. So get ahead of the curve and start grooving to the joyous “Akokas.”