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Walker Lukens "Tell It To The Judge (Modern Outsider)"

The day has finally arrived! Walker Lukens has released this long-awaited Jim Eno-produced follow up to 2013’s Devoted. Tell It To The Judge (Modern Outsider) not only collects a few singles that have already garnered millions of plays, he has also made writing this blurb very, very easy. How? By writing this: “I wanted Tell It To The Judge to feel like one of those late 70s ZZ Top records –fun, to the point, a little funny, full of good grooves… The thing is that it’s 2017. I love hip-hop and I can only take so much of that boys drinking around a campfire feel. I mostly play piano and am not that good at guitar. I spend too much time in my head to play good old rock-n-roll. Thus, I give you Tell It To The Judge.” Thanks Walker, not only for the tremendously fun album, but also for the excellent PR blurb. Check out the premiere single “Don’t Wanna Be Lonely (Don’t Wanna Leave You Alone).”