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Ioanna Gika "Thalassa (Sargent House)"

Thalassa, the full-length debut from Ioanna Gika, is a gorgeous mix of operatic vocals, new age synths, new wave-esque programmed percussion, experimental electronic music, and dramatic shifts. It’s a little like if Chelsea Wolfe wrote songs for Enya-and we would absolutely listen to that record. Which is probably why we can’t stop listening to this one. Take these words written in Rolling Stone about the LP’s first single “Roseate” as evidence of it’s wonders: “As “Roseate” crescendos into a chugging, panic-inducing sonic 180 from its opening chords, the tension Gika creates isn’t just palpable; it makes you want a cigarette and someone to hug.” So do yourself a favor and check out that aforementioned single or the jittery beauty of “The Messenger.”