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Delicate Steve "This Is Steve"

We make no attempt at hiding how much we love Delicate Steve around the office. Besides being a great guy, we absolutely love his unique take on pop music. Take, for instance, his latest record This Is Steve (his debut for Anti Records!). If there is such a thing as sing-a-long-able instrumental music, Steve makes it. Seriously, there are songs on here that I swear I remember as having words until I listen again and sure enough: instrumental. With production that vibes along with Traveling Wilburies/George Harrison’s ‘80s output, a little ELO thrown in (I’m aware that all of those things are kind of the same. leave me alone.), and more hooks than the river on fishing day (is that a thing? i don’t know, i’m more of an indoorsman).
or, if you don’t like that joke:
more hooks than a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar season. He used the hook shot for his Hockey, right? Sorry, not much of a sports guy
OR, if you don’t like that joke, how about:
more hooks than a highlight reel of SNL’s 1989 season
Every song on here is the mind soundtrack to a perfect day. Check out the aforementioned Harrison-esque standout track “Winners.”