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Sidi Touré "Toubalbero (Thrill Jockey)"

Mali musician extraordinaire Sidi Touré is back with another joyous, optimistic collection of songs on Toubalbero (Thrill Jockey). Generally, I don’t think I’m smart enough to describe world music. Thankfully someone at Thrill Jockey is. “Touré has created a danceable, dynamic, and joyous album played with some of the most exciting new faces on the Mailian music scene. A revered leader who has his feet deep in the Northern Mali music tradition has created an album, despite the region’s significant political challenges, that brims with optimism.” Thanks TJ! Seriously though, this is as much fun as you can have listening to music. Just try and not let a smile take over your face as you check out the blissful “Heyyyeya.”