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Tracyanne & Danny "Tracyanne & Danny (Merge)"

There you are, just a regular ol’ fan of the Camera Obscura as well as the album Danny Coughlan released as Crybaby. “Great” you think to yourself “I like these two bands” and then you go about your day like nothing is happening. WRONG! Get ready to have those two great tastes taste great together! Tracyanne & Danny is both the name of the group and the title of their debut. Tracyanne Campbell, of Camera Obscura fame, and Danny (of aforementioned in this blurb fame) have teamed up to create music that invokes their shared influences such as Lou Reed, Dion, Serge Gainsbourg, The Style Council, and more. A vintage, simple sound that reminds the listener of times long gone. Check out “Home & Dry.”