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Tera Melos "Trash Generator (Sargent House)"

A lot of things can be said about the experimental rock trio Tera Melos and their leader, the forever inventive vocalist-guitarist Nick Reinhart. Or we could just take a look at this quote from the bossman ‘round these BRM parts, Lyle: “Omg that Tera Melos record is like the minutmen on ‘roids…..” Which makes sense, as last we heard from Nick was in his supergroup that includes Minutemen bassist Mike Watts. Trash Generator (Sargent House) is full of math-y changes, sonic experimentation, mid-song genre detours, ‘80s-era Fripp riffs, this is a band full of players with chops (unfortunately not pork or loin-which reminds me! I need to go shopping). But yeah,these dudes have the goods, as is evidenced by the thrashing good time of “Don’t Say I Know.”