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Martin Frawley "Undone At 31 (Merge)"

You may know Martin Frawley as a primary member of the Melbourne rock band Twerps. Well, recently, he stepped out from behind that band to release his solo debut. Undone At 31 (Merge) finds Martin greatly expanding his sonic palette, as well as his songwriting skills. With a hushed, conversational vocal delivery somewhere between Lou Reed and Kurt Vile and an ear for arrangement-each of these songs exists by itself. Whether the song has only Rhodes and pedal steel, or mog, violin, and bass-the thing holding it all together is Martin’s knack for auditory pairings as well as his talent for melody. If you like a record that is comforting from the first listen, then Undone At 31 is for you. Oscillating between rockers and ballads, there is something for everyone here. Yes, even you in the back! I promise! Check out the dynamic bass and acoustic shuffle of “You Want Me.”