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Andrew Cohen & Light Coma "Unreality (Comedy Minus One)"

Andrew Cohen, of the bands Silkworm and Bottomless Pit, and Light Coma, of the band Light Coma, have paired together to form Andrew Cohen & Light Coma. Their debut, Unreality (Comedy Minus One), is a rock and roll fantasy. Light Coma bring a Crazy Horse versatility to every song (mostly electric, occasionally acoustic) as Andrew Cohen’s dry vocal delivery pairs perfectly with the smoldering band. Recorded by both Matthew Barnhart and Steve Albini (fun!) this is a record for fans of records. The whole thing gels tightly together as it weaves from distorted burner to Magnolia Electric Company-esque acousticality (is that a word? my computer sure doesn’t think it is). Check out the duel guitar attack of “Repack.”