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Hollie Cook "Vessel Of Love (Merge)"

Here we are, listening to Vessel Of Love (Merge) together. Did you know that although this is Hollie Cook’s third LP it’s her debut on Merge Records! Oh, you did know? How did… oh right, I told you. Hahahaha. We are laughing. Also, we are listening to the forefront of left of center reggae pop, courtesy of West London’s Ms. Cook. I’m afraid I don’t really know enough about reggae to accurately compare her sound to anyone else’s, but I do know this. When it comes to reggae, I don’t know much, but I know what I like. And I like Hollie Cook’s music. I mean I LIKE like Hollie Cook’s music. Check out the dub-y, synth heavy underwater groove of “Freefalling” and just TRY to keep your neck from moving. (spoiler alert: it’s not gonna happen).