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Mt. Wilson Repeater "V’Ger (Merge)"

Seeing as how Jim Putnam’s band Radar Brothers have been on hiatus since 2013, it makes sense that he would resurrect his experimental side project Mt. Wilson Repeater. Here, now, is where it gets tricky. The album, out now on Merge Records, is called V’Ger. I am a HUGE Star Trek fan. V’Ger is a Star Trek Reference. Therefore, it’s hard for me to do anything here other than make Trek references. But this is work! So for more on what I think about the infinitely strange Star Trek: The Motion Picture, let’s hang out sometime. For more on Jim’s new album, stay right here in this blurb. V’Ger (the LP) is full of lush, baritone guitar shoegaze-y psychedelia and dreamscapes. Think Kris Kristofferson meets Yo La Tengo meets Air meets lots of other great things, all at once, and funneled through Jim’s unique world view. Check out the sinister swirls of “Get By.”