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Pet Symmetry "Vision (Polyvinyl)"

For a band that was never really meant to happen, Pet Symmetry sure happen. What started out as an “excuse to goof off” for Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.), Erik Csaja (Dowsing), and Marcus Nuccio (What Gives), a place for them to funnel their lighthearted whims that might not have a place in their full-time bands is now a band with multiple LPs and famously fun live shows (silly matching outfits will do that to a band’s reputation). Vision, their first for Polyvinyl, is a riotous pop-punk potpourri of pleasure (unnecessary alliteration all my own). Sometimes they sound like the brothers Kinsella, other times they sound a bit like the Nirvana b-sides and rarities collection Incesticide. Other times their sound shifts to… you know what? This is a side project born of indulging weird ideas, and thusly makes the sound hard to describe, but easy to enjoy. Check out the energy to spare rock of “Stare Collections.”