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Mutoid Man "War Moans (Sargent House)"

What does the world need right now? Mutoid Man! War Moans, Mutoid’s Man sophomore album (Sargent House,) is the record to scare your 2017 terrors away. Ironic indie RAWK? Nope, straight ahead blistering metal, like Metallica mixed with Voivod and Dischord’s Void (sorry Romeo Void you aren’t invited). Yes, this is a Big Gulp of rockers from the opener “Melt Your Mind” to the oh so fast “Kiss Of Death” and the haunting, almost power-ballad of “Bandages” with bonus haunting by Chelsea Wolf. I’ve been playing this record evey morning with my black coffee as I read through the twitter storms of 2017-thanks Mutoid Man-i might just make it through another morning. Check out the aforementioned opener “Melt Your Mind.”