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Werewolf Diskdrive "Werewolf Diskdrive"

Look, the more you know about Werewolf Diskdrive, the more you are gonna love Werewolf Diskdrive. His origin is steeped in mystery (though you can learn more about it at But suffice it to say, Werewolf Diskdrive is a consciousness living in a disk drive at a store called Werewolf Diskdrive that recorded an album called Werewolf Diskdrive (with more than a little help from Eric Elbogen, of the now defunct band Say Hi). Most of the songs are about food or obsolete technology, and are a little bit rap, a little bit lo-fi pop, and a lot of fun. Imagine if Brother JT recorded a hip-hop album, and you are approaching the strange, strange world of Werewolf Diskdrive. Check out the ode to the basest of human desires, “Hamburgers & Hotdogs.”