Current Releases

Janek Schaefer [For Robert Wyatt] "What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing (Temporary Residence)"

In 2014, acclaimed sound artist Janek Schaefer was commissioned to create an auditory experience using elements from Robert Wyatt’s Cukooland album. Like any good artist with a commision backing a project, he did just what was asked, and then a bunch more. What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing (Temporary Residence) collects the piece he was originally commissioned to do, as well as an album’s worth of music that was inspired by his work on that piece. Ambient, looping, ethereal music accompanied by spoken word snippets and sound effects. This is just the kind of thing to listen to when you want to bliss out in a smart-sounding way. So put on your tweed jacket and check “Tree at the end of the world.”