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of Montreal "White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood (Polyvinyl)"

Like a lot of people, the last election cycle effected Kevin Barnes of of Montreal profoundly. Turned him deeply paranoid. But another thing happened. He fell in love. These two opposites make up the backstory for his latest stunner White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood (Polyvinyl). Also, he rediscovered his love of the extended dance mixes of pop hits of the ‘80s. The long versions of songs that you ould only hear if you went to the club. So he set out to make this LP sound like it was the extended mixes of the songs found here. The result is somewhere between Bowie’s Berlin era and extended mixes of Prince’s most beloved albums. Check out the  eff-word heavy “Paranoiac Intervals-Body Dysmorphia.”