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Willow Butler + Sister Squares "Will Butler + Sister Squares"

From the Brooklyn Vegan:

Will Butler and his band Sister Squares (Miles Francis, Julie Shore, Will’s wife Jenny Shore, and Sara Dobbs) will release their new self-titled album on September 22 via Merge. “After Generations, I considered making a weird solo record,” says Will of the new album. “Me alone in the basement, etc, etc. Mostly I realized that what I wanted was the opposite.”

“I had quit my band Arcade Fire very recently, after 20 years—maybe the most complex decision of my life,” Will says of the circumstances leading up to this album. “I had spent the preceding two years at home with my three children. I was 39 years old. I was waking up every morning and reading Emily Dickinson, until I had read every Emily Dickinson poem. I was listening to Morrissey, to Shostakovich, to the Spotify top 50. I had unformed questions with inchoate answers. But, honestly, I was feeling great about the record.”