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Ruler "Winning Star Champion (Barsuk)"

You want hooks? You want riffs? You want sing-a-long melodies and lyrics? You want the kind of rock that makes you triumphantly nod your head? You want fries with that? Well, minus the fries (sorry, BRM doesn’t have a fryer. Check out our Yelp page, we don’t serve wings either- much to the chagrin of our customers) if you’re looking for all of those things then you are looking for Ruler! Winning Star Champion (Barsuk) is Seattle’s Matt Batey’s latest offering, and it’s just about as catchy as you can get without needing a shot to combat the ill-effects. But fear not! There are no ill-effects here (except in the Beastie Boys meaning of the word). A little like those early few Death Cab records mixed with the current resurgence of pop-punk. It’s a ‘90s + ‘10s sort of thing. You know the deal, good influences in=good music out. So check out the first tune from the record “Petrified” and measure Ruler for yourself! (Sorry)