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XYLØ "Yes & No EP"

If you are in the mood for some dark, modern indie pop, then get ready to say “yes” and not “no” to Yes & No, the new EP from XYLØ. Paige Duddy, known here on as XYLØ has once again stepped out as a solo artist to release a collection of vibey, angst-y yet danceable pop. What’s that you say? We just sent some Xylo out not too long ago? Well, you know… these kids keep “dropping tracks” (at least I think that’s what they call it these days…) Her tunes are full of modern production, frank lyrics, and catchy verses and choruses to sing along to–assuming you’ve got even half the vocal chops she does. Otherwise, it might be best to let her handle the singing. Maybe you can work on your beatboxing skills instead? So drop your best beat along to “Ride Or Die.”