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Paul de Jong "You Fucken Sucker (Temporary Residence)"

It’s tough to tell who the “sucker” is in the title of Paul de Jong’s newest LP You Fucken Sucker (Temporary Residence). Is it you and I he’s naming? Is he referring to himself? Well, like most of the work from Paul both solo and in his work with the Books, it’s not the easiest to discern what he’s trying to say. That makes sense, as his music isn’t always the easiest to listen to either. This collection of nearly undefinable music is a hazy road trip with stops off at found auditory object collages, R&B, jazz, world music, new age, doom electronica, and everything in between. You will NOT listen to this album passively, PdJ has made sure of that. But if you’re willing to give yourself over, it’s gifts are bountiful. Take, for instance, the tuned-in sound collage of “It’s Only About Sex.”