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Charly Bliss "Young Enough (Barsuk)"

I’m gonna assume that you, like a lot of people, fell under the Charly Bliss spell after their debut Guppy was released. Their ‘90s-esque candy-coated college radio sound was a breath of fresh air. Well, get ready to fall in love with their follow-up, Young Enough (Barsuk). Mixed into the Veruca Salt-esque sound of their original vibe is an unabashed pop slant. Are their still guitars? Yes. But are there synths? Yup. New wave-ish production? Uh huh. But what about Eva Hendrick’s singular vocal delivery? Front and center here. It’s like a combo of New Order, The Eurythmics, and The Breeders. Like the kids say, this record “slaps” (I’m so, so sorry. I feel so dirty now.) Check out the vibey “Capacity.”