Weekly Web Update Vol. 6

Well, look at this! Fall has finally fallen! A quick look at my AccuWeather App and I see that its 63º outside with a RealFeel® of 60º and a RealFeel Shade™ of 60º. Wait, what? RealFeel Shade? When did that start? Must be pretty recent. I don’t remember it. Why did they start that in the fall? That is gonna be a depressing stat this winter for sure. I wonder there will be a RealFeel Foot In A Slush Puddle reading soon? Well, until we have to start avoiding every pedestrian’s winter nightmare, we might as well enjoy dry streets while we can! And what goes better with dry streets than new music from The Building, Chris Farren, Cursive, Saba Lou, Emptyset, & Lightning Bolt? Dig in!