Happy Columbus Ohio Day!

Wait, so next Monday is Columbus Day? We still celebrate that? That seems weird… Maybe there was a change and I didn’t hear of it, and it now instead celebrates the lovely city of Columbus, Ohio? I’m gonna go with...
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Four Word Video Descriptions

<<<<written at 6:56 pm on Wednesday, September 26th>>>>


What? Blog time already! But I only have 4 minutes ’til quitting time! Where did the day go… Ok. First I was working on that report thing. Then, I restarted the ...

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The Rest Of The Emmys

Like a lot of awards shows, The Emmys only have so much air time to present awards. Usually, those awards then go largely unnoticed. But this year will be different. We asked Emmy herself if she’d like to present all ...

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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

L’Chiam! Happy belated Rosh Hashanah! If you’re anything like BRM Boy, you are feeling particularly drawn to your roots right now. He asked us if he could write the blog post this week, because the “perfect theme” was right there ...

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