The Best Of Polyvinyl Records


For this month’s “best of” blog we asked our super-friendly pals over at Polyvinyl to come up with a playlist that they think best represents their many fun releases. Sure, everyone around the office loves Polyvinyl, but Derek? He ...

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BRNews For Thursday, June 21st

Broadcasting note: This week’s episode of BRNews was taped on Tuesday, June 20th of this week, before The President signed his executive order that halted family separations. While this is a step in the right direction, we thought that this ...

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BRNews for Thursday, June 14th


BRM BOY: Howdy, welcome back to another edition of BRNews. I’m back after my “forced” hiatus of being replaced by Lebron James. He said he was moving to Los Angeles. I can’t imagine why? While I was away I ...

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BRNews Presents: June 2018 Web Update

BRM Boy: Welcome back to BRNews, the only news that matters. Joining me tonight, as always are Liberal White Lady and Angry White Guy.


Liberal White Lady: Hi Honey


Angry White Guy: Why isn’t the temperature in my ...

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