September Web Update

Ok. For those of you that set your watches and calendars by our very timely web updates, I apologize. There you were on the 1st Thursday of the month frantically refreshing the site-hungry for new tunes. Well, we were having ...

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Super Quick Easy Blog

No time to lose! If you’re anything like me, you are woefully behind on work after the holiday weekend. Actually, if you are anything like me you are in fact DESPERATELY behind after having vacation last week, and arrived back ...

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So Johnny (yes, I call him Johnny, relax!) goes on vacation and Lyle is “unavailable” so I’m left holding the blog. BLOG? In 2018?? Anyone read those things still? IS THIS THING ON??? Well, since I’m playing substitute teacher, I ...

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The Best Of Comedy Minus One

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Albert Brooks!



Thank you. Hello, and congratulations on your decision to read this post. This post is a combination of material. Some recorded live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, some recorded elsewhere.


The ...

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