Everything’s normal. Right?

No reason not to make this week’s blog a fun one.

So let’s just have some fun.

Look! I made a Simpsons .gif!

Fine. Normal. Let’s dig in!

A new Shout Out Louds LP? Shout it out ...

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May 2017 Web Update!

Hey everybody! I’m back! Did you miss me while I was on vacation last week? (in case you were wondering, Asbury Park is lovely this time of year. They have rain there that’s horizontal!) Judging from the way Derek’s “13...
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13 Reasons And The Music’s One

   We here at Bank Robber have been swept up in the angst and mystery of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. Did we (me) lose an entire weekend to it? Perhaps (Yes). Are we the target audience? Well, prolly not. But ...

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A Tribute To Mr. Warmth

Look at you. What are you doing, ya hockey puck? You’re walking down the street staring at your phone. Don’t complain when you wind up as a stain on 7th avenue. The personality of a dead moth, this one…    What’s...
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