Past Releases

Sneaks "Happy Birthday (Merge)"

From Merge Records:


Continuing the collaborative relationships from 2019’s Highway Hypnosis with mixing engineer Carlos Hernandez and legendary producer Jacknife Lee, Sneaks’ Eva Moolchan felt free to turn up the energy and explore more elaborate melodies than ever before.

With astrological assertions alongside poetry filtered through a riot grrl spirit and set to thumping bass lines and infectious beats, Moolchan asks all of the questions but invites the listener to divine their own answers. Put on your headphones and let Sneaks lead you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery that will keep you humming for days.

Roots & Tings "All of This (Rough Trade Publishing)"

A collaboration between artists, Lateef, Jah Yzer and Winstrong based in the Bay Area.

Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters "Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters (American Laundromat)"

From American Laundromat Records:

Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters cover some of Tanya’s favorite songs by The Go Go’s, Leonard Cohen, Kirsty MacColl, Split Enz, Linda Ronstadt, The Pretenders, Wings, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Mary Margaret O’Hara on this outstanding new album.

Miles Francis & Jas Walton "Basement Tape (Rough Trade Publishing)"

From Figure & Ground:

Basement Tape is a follow up to the duo’s first album Explorations in Drums & Sax (2016), also on Figure & Ground. “This is almost like a deconstruction of what went into our first record. This is where it starts – naked, in a way,” says Francis. This time, the tracks were mixed at home by Lily Wen, the head of the label.

“Miles and Jas have been a big part of my musical life,” says Lily. “I’m constantly inspired by what they make and how they play. Mixing this record, it was easy to just let everything come through naturally, as it was recorded and as it was being put down. I wanted to keep as much of that original energy as possible. The songs are so nuanced that all the production elements are already there – they do it in real time.”