Past Releases

XYLØ "Yes & No EP"

If you are in the mood for some dark, modern indie pop, then get ready to say “yes” and not “no” to Yes & No, the new EP from XYLØ. Paige Duddy, known here on as XYLØ has once again stepped out as a solo artist to release a collection of vibey, angst-y yet danceable pop. What’s that you say? We just sent some Xylo out not too long ago? Well, you know… these kids keep “dropping tracks” (at least I think that’s what they call it these days…) Her tunes are full of modern production, frank lyrics, and catchy verses and choruses to sing along to–assuming you’ve got even half the vocal chops she does. Otherwise, it might be best to let her handle the singing. Maybe you can work on your beatboxing skills instead? So drop your best beat along to “Ride Or Die.”



Cheap Synths "Yes Yes Yes"

Cheap Synths are a mysterious, nearly un-google-able duo from Brooklyn. Seriously, try and google “cheap synths” and not get, well… listing of synths for sale. Cheap! Their debut EP Yes Yes Yes is a collection of quirky, danceable pop–not wholly unlike LCD Soundsystem with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and unrelentingly catchy electronic beats, funky bass lines, and disco hints. There is no reason this shouldn’t be blaring from every rooftop party held this summer. So get the party started and check out “Devestate!!”

Eluvium "Pianoworks (Temporary Residence)"

For the first time in nearly 15 years, Eluvium has released a collection of solo piano pieces. Obviously, as a modern classical composer, this was likely at one point his go-to emotional outlet. But like happens to many of us, we get distracted by all the new cool things we’ve learned. But Pianoworks (Temporary Residence) is a testament to going back to what you originally learned to do occasionally. Simply put, you aren’t going to find a better, more beautiful collection of piano music anywhere. So start at the beginning and give “Recital” a listen.

Apex Manor "Heartbreak City (Merge)"

Recorded in a scant two weeks studio time, the new Apex Manor record Heartbreak City (Merge) is about as spontaneous and live as records can be today. Ross and the boys are reveling in the fun of ‘90s alt/college rock without relying on the nostalgia that comes along with that sound far too often. This is just the real thing. Pure, unabashed indie rock. A little like Dinosaur Jr. (with some shoegaze synths mixed in for maximum enjoyment), and a lot like Apex Manor. Check out “Where My Mind Goes.”