Past Releases

Umberto "Helpless Spectator (Thrill Jockey)"

If you are in the market for moody, atmospheric, synth-driven tunes then look no further than the cinematic sounds of Umberto. Somewhere between Explosions In The Sky, John Carpenter, YLT’s Sounds Of Science, and Hauschka lies Helpless Spectator (Thrill Jockey). Seriously, check the album out. It sounds like all those things and more. Ok, maybe I’m projecting because those are like all my favorite musical aesthetics. But if you respond to them at all then check out the epic build of “Spontaneous Possession.”

Generationals "Reader As Detective (Polyvinyl)"

Over the last couple of years, Generationals have foregone the normal LP releases for a series of singles released, well… singularly. Reader As Detective (Polyvinyl) is a return to the LP released also singularly, but containing multitudes of songs. Ok… I might have lost the thread there a bit… but thankfully the Generationals have not. Don’t call it a comeback! They’ve been here for years! Just call it another amazing album from the duo that finds them paring “vintage pop canon and modern pop production” just like the PR says! Check out office favorite “Breaking Your Silence.”

Xenu & The Thetans "Xenu & The Thetans (Slovenly)"

Like our buds at Slovenly Records say about this new self-titled record from Mexico City’s Xenu & The Thetans “it’s not rock-it scientology here, gang. This is that primal punk rock madness that pours outta yer pores when you just wanna belt out some Germs / Bad Brains style ‘core and get nasty.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s why I didn’t even bother trying. Come on! Like they said! Get nasty and check out “Amigos Muertos.”

Hibou "Halve (Barsuk)"

Peter Michel is back as Hibou, and Halve (Barsuk) is another dose of electronic-tinged dream pop. A little new wave, a little ‘90s indie, a touch of punk, and a dash of salt and you have some delicious cookies! No… wait… that’s not right. Music! You have delicious music (salt optional!). Spindly guitars ring, bass drives the chords forward, as Peter oscillates between whisper-delivered vocals and something definitely more throaty and present. Check out the nostalgia-fueled “Inside Illumination.”