Past Releases

Carla dal Forna "Look Us Sharp"

The hazy spot between home-recorded lo-fi pop, experimental electronic excursions, and the ambient and noise music that lies on the periphery of vaporware music can be found Look Us Sharp, the latest album by Carla dal Forna. Like a nervous, jittery Portishead album played at the wrong speed mixed with chamber pop-this is a heady, wondrous collection that speaks volumes to Carla’s musical tastes (after all, the best musicians have the best record collections, right?). You’ll hear swathes of The Cure, ‘90s indie, ‘70s experimental, and all the other great things that makeup music collections. Check out the haunting “I’m Conscious” or the mysterious “So Much Better” and see what I mean.

Bruno Bavota "Get Lost (Temporary Residence)"

If you are in the know, then you know that Bruno Bavota is composing some of the most beautiful, haunting piano music this side of animated movies about snowmen. Seriously, this is THE record to put on when you wanna make your apartment way classier than that near-complete collection of Burger King Return Of The Jedi glasses would have your guests believe. I’m not kidding, I put this gorgeous album on and my apartment started cleaning itself (results may vary, this is not a guarantee of apartment cleaning). This time around, he has started adding effect pedals and processing into his repertoire (thank god for spell check, my first try was… not sick) but what that does is create even more ambience. Check out “Sneaking Behind The Falling Sky” and you’ll see what I mean.

Minor Pieces "The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming (Fat Cat)"

If you are the kind of person that says things like “I wonder what the mega-talented singer/composer Ian William Craig is up to right now?” have I got some news for you! First off, may I suggest the internet for such queries. Nonetheless, I have news from the music fronts for you! The debut of Minor Pieces is here! The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming (FatCat) finds Ian teaming up with singer/multi-instrumentalist Missy Donaldson to create what I am calling “otherworldly, experimental ambient folk.” Taking cues from bands like Mazzy Star, Portisehead, and My Bloody Valentine, and mixing it with post-rock and modern classical music-the result is a simultaneously beautiful and chilling collection. Check out the crackling majesty of “This House.”

Peter Jefferies "Last Ticket Home (Ba Da Bing!)"

Last Ticket Home (Ba Da Bing!) is an Odds and Sods of sort, collecting mostly unreleased material by legendary New Zealand psych-rocker Peter Jefferies (Nocturnal Projections, This Kind Of Punishment). The material here is from as long ago as 1991 and as recently as this year, so the jams are as varied as you think they are gonna be-from instrumental rave-ups a la YLT to hissy alt-country a la Red Red Meat to garage blasters a la the man himself. Check out the bouncy, piano-led instrumental chug of “Westgate Exit” from a 1999 7”.