Past Releases

William Basinski "On Time Out Of Time (Temporary Residence)"

The latest William Basinski record On Time Out Of Time (Temporary Residence) started out life as the audio portion of an art installation that appears to have something to do with the merging of two black holes over a billion years ago… I gotta say, I’m feeling not that smart right now seeing as how I just found the PR for a music record hard to follow. Oh well. Good thing the music isn’t hard to follow at all. It sounds like… well… space! Longtime readers will know that I love me some space-stuff. Ergo, I sure am digging this ethereal collection of tunes. Made up of two tracks, check out “4(E+D)4(ER=EPR)” (because the other one is nearly 40 minutes long.)

Matmos "Plastic Anniversary (Thrill Jockey)"

If you are experimental duo Matmos, how do you follow-up the album you made comprised of nothing but sounds found on your washing machine? Well, you make an album consisting of nothing but sounds made using found plastic objects! Plastic Anniversary (Thrill Jockey) (which also celebrates their actual anniversary as a romantic couple as well as a music duo) (third parenthetical for no good reason!) is just as weird as it sounds like its gonna be. But also, these two know what they are doing and could make an amazing album’s worth of music out of sounds from just about anything. Even, say, a bunch of plastic junk. Oh, wait! They did! Check out the plunky groove of “Breaking Bread.”

Anya Marina "Over You (EP)"

There is literally nothing Anya Marina can’t do. Between her songwriting, live performances, attempting to be The King Of All Media’s Au Pair, and her internet comedy shorts… jeez. I’m exhausted just following her on Instagram, I can barely keep up. I did laundry before work today and will complain about that for at least week. Her latest, the Over You EP, is a poptastic collection of tunes that are as dancable as they are smart. From the club-y breakup anthem of “Over You” to the bass bounce of the Beck-esque “Sidelines” the forms of these songs arrive just as varied as Anya’s projects. Masterful vocals and heaps of melodies and hooks. Check out the aforementioned title track “Over You.”

Telekinesis "Effluxion (Merge)"

You can say so many nice things about Michael Lerner aka Telekinesis – but after the initial flood of compliments (lover of dogs, camper, met Paul McCartney), you get to the root of the man in the striped shirt as a great pop song writer. Over 4 albums Telekinesis have written some of the best pop jams of the millennium (have you listened to the self-titled debut Telekinesis lately? All killer no filler), which brings us to Effluxion. After last album Ad Infinitum deep dove into synthesizers, Telekinesis are back to mainly the acoustic instruments: Drums, guitars and oh so much piano. Imagine if Michael’s BFF’s second solo album “Paul McCartney 2”  was played by Teenage Fanclub you can start to ride the Effluxion of time (I think I used that work right?). Dig into “Cut The Quick.”