New Weekly Web Updates Vol. 3

Boy oh boy… I used to think that the time sure flew when we did these updates monthly. But weekly? Life is but a flipbook, my friend. Sorry, autumn makes me wistful. Luckily, we have a very exciting slate of new releases this week to pick up both my spirts and yours! There’s the new Digital Shades collection from M83, the latest stunner from Hiss Golden Messenger. You also have the Toussaint-y debut of the mega-talented Neal Francis. We also have the long-awaited return from Vivian Girls, and a new collection of singles (plus a few new tunes!) from disco darlings The Juan Maclean. Some pastoral freak-folk from David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights. Finally, we have the stunning, synth-y debut from Floating Spectrum. If those don’t get you (me) over your (my) autumnal wistfulness then I don’t know what will.