Past Releases

Boogarins "Manchaca Vol. 1"

From Overseas Artists Recordings:

Boogarins are a Brazilian psychedelic rock band formed in 2013 by Dinho Almeida (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Benke Ferraz (solo guitar). Later they were joined by Hans Castro (drums) and Raphael Vaz (bass guitar), forming a four-piece. In 2014, Ynaiã Benthroldo replaced Hans as drummer.

Refried Ice Cream "Life Spirit Devine (Team Love)"

From Refried Ice Cream:

Music for the people, down with fascists. Listen and learn, keep your health and open your mind. Rise up against what you know is wrong.

To our friends: Keep Freedom in your Hearts and Lives. It is all possible keep the Love alive. Live your life in Awe

Raphael Futura "Riviera (Rough Trade Publishing)"

From Terrorbird:

“Riviera” is Futura’s debut solo project, a new persona born from his past. Futura has lived an entire previous life as a musician, but it wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles in 2017 that his musical influences tied neatly into his present life. The result was “Riviera,” a blend of smooth funk, exotic French wave, and future bounce, which comes straight from Futura’s upbringing in Italy and France.

Old Sea Brigade "All the Ways You Sing in the Dark"

Artists Old Sea Brigade (Ben Cramer) and Luke Sital-Singh come together and combine their opposite writing styles to produce this album.