Past Releases

'68 "Yes, and…"

From Distorted Sound Magazine:

Titled Yes, And…, the upcoming album from the Atlanta-based rock duo is the follow-up to 2021’s Give One Take One, and is scheduled to be released later this month, via Pure Noise Records.

Speaking about the upcoming new album, vocalist/guitarist Josh Scogin says, “this is by far the heaviest album ’68 has ever done.  It wasn’t on purpose, it just sort of evolved into what it is.  As soon as we could see the full gravitas of the album, we just leaned into it. Many of the bluesy tracks didn’t find a home and some of the parts that were on the fence, we doused with gasoline.  For us, the pendulum has never been extended so far, in one direction. This is exciting because it was obvious how this album needed to turn out and it pretty much solidifies how the next album will end up as well.”


XO SKELETON is the supple, steady, uncanny new album by La Force: a mixture of haunted pop and hot-blooded R&B that glistens at the meeting-point between life, death, and love. The album, coproduced by La Force and Warren Spicer (Plants and Animals), will be available everywhere in digital and LP format on September 29 via Secret City Records. La Force also shares Fall tour dates: three headlining shows in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa presenting the new album, as well as European support dates for Patrick Watson

Sally Anne Morgan "Carrying"

Carrying finds unity in life’s burdens and joys, shared experience of our day-to-day lives. “So much of what we accumulate and carry around with us burdens us, but we also can’t or don’t know how to let go,” says Morgan. The album weaves a thread of common experience wrapping the listener in the intimacy of emotional response while simultaneously demonstrating the universal nature of many of these moments. Says Morgan, “I use my own music, the creation, formation and shaping of songs and compositions, as a way to explore and articulate the deepest, often most hidden and spiritual, parts – of myself, but also since we are all connected at the deepest level, it reaches a common connected force of some kind.” A deeply affecting process for Morgan was contemplating the awesome power of the human body and spirit; the complicated and unpredictable wash of emotions that come with nurturing and nourishing another life, while also starting a new venture with her and her partner’s microbrewery. The album’s songs are snapshots of Morgan’s own self-reflection as these changes came to define the upcoming chapter of her life.

Willow Butler + Sister Squares "Will Butler + Sister Squares"

From the Brooklyn Vegan:

Will Butler and his band Sister Squares (Miles Francis, Julie Shore, Will’s wife Jenny Shore, and Sara Dobbs) will release their new self-titled album on September 22 via Merge. “After Generations, I considered making a weird solo record,” says Will of the new album. “Me alone in the basement, etc, etc. Mostly I realized that what I wanted was the opposite.”

“I had quit my band Arcade Fire very recently, after 20 years—maybe the most complex decision of my life,” Will says of the circumstances leading up to this album. “I had spent the preceding two years at home with my three children. I was 39 years old. I was waking up every morning and reading Emily Dickinson, until I had read every Emily Dickinson poem. I was listening to Morrissey, to Shostakovich, to the Spotify top 50. I had unformed questions with inchoate answers. But, honestly, I was feeling great about the record.”