Past Releases

We Were Promised Jetpacks "The More I Sleep The Less I Dream"

So this is 30?  Yup, when We Were Promised Jetpacks started they were four blokes (dudes) from Scotland with guitars, dynamics and all the things that made them the great band they are.  Now upon entering the studio as 30 somethings, the boys decided to bring it back to the sound/feel of their debut These Four Walls.  Sounding almost like the most powerful live album – (overdubs? pffft) The More I Sleep The Less I Dream hits some hot aging topics like self-doubt in album opener “Impossible” to the emotionally heavy “Hanging In”.  Check out “Make It Easier” and hear what 30 something sounds like (“I have no idea, where to go from here”)….Can’t wait to hear what they record when they turn 40 (i’m guessing it won’t be a comedy album…)

Calvin Valentine "Keep Summer Safe (Mello Music Group)"

Having already produced for such hip-hop luminaries as Nas, De La Soul, Illa J, and most recently Ryan Beatty (as well as his stint as drummer for the rock band Medium Troy), its time for Cavlin Valentine to once again step out from behind the mixer and into the spotlight. Keep Summer Safe is the producer/hip-hop artists latest LP. Chilled out, wavey vibes (Mello Music’s PR calls it “meditative late night head nods) that are part throwback to the heyday of early rap and exceedingly modern-not Soundcloud modern or anything like that. This is meticulously crafted and sonically rich. Plus, his skills as emcee are second only to his production skills. Check out the west coast sounds of “911 Turbo.”

Emma Ruth Rundle "On Dark Horses (Sargent House)"

If you are Emma Ruth Rundle, 2 years ago you released your fantastic album Marked For Death. Since then you’ve been touring nonstop. Now you are ready to release your third album of goth-y, folk-y, intense tunes. If you are not Emma (and lets face it, chances are good you aren’t) then you are merely excited to hear her new album On Dark Horses (Sargent House). Well, your timing is perfect, because here it is! Check out the dramatic ebbs and flows of the Godspeed You! Black Emperor meets Chelsea Wolfe sounds of “Fever Dreams.”

Dmitry Evgrafov "Return (Fat Cat)"

I just saw an another article on tuning out the world….the noise, the constant static of it all….how to make it go away (don’t look at your phone? Article – not so helpful)…..That being said if everyone would just listen to the beautiful new album by Dmitry Evgrafov they wouldn’t need to throw their phones in the ocean (don’t do it – your warranty won’t cover that).  Stirring and beautiful “Falter” is my go to song when I need it all to go away. Just check out “Waves” and you will hopefully not throw your phone into the ocean, but if you do, make sure you have a copy of “Return” on another device.