Past Releases

Fotocrime "South Of Heaven"

Look, if the man wants to talk about his music, then who am I to stop him, right? If the enigmatic R (sources tell us R is actually Ryan of Coliseum) of Fotocrime says ” “This is a record for late night drives, a soundtrack for headlights illuminating the horizon. I’ll make music until the end of my days, with or without a listener, but I’m happy to have a passenger for the ride into the dark.” of the new album South Of Heaven then why wouldn’t I just repeat that helpful bit here for all of you? Get ready for a new wave/dark wave synth-y power cruise with this moody record. Check out the eerie “Love Is A Devil.”

Yumi Zouma "Truth Or Consequences (Polyvinyl)"

Oh man, if you like your pop records nearly perfect, covered in an ‘80s-esque early-digital sheen but also complete with modern turns, and filled to the brim with jangly, bouncy, art-pop then you are gonna LOVE the new LP from Yumi Zouma. Truth Or Consequences may be their third release, but its the first one for Polyvinyl which makes it number one in our hearts! (Can you tell I’m writing this blurb the week of Valentine’s Day?) Whether it’s the bouncy (uh oh, a second use of bouncy) “Cool For A Second” or the jangly (AAGH! SECOND JANGLY) balladeering of “Truer Than Ever” there isn’t a bad place to start here. So start already!

Snarls "Burst"

Ohio-based band Snarls spent 2019 growing. Releasing a few singles that landed on Stereogum’s Top 100. Garnering a fervent fan base. Well here it is 2020 and their full-length debut Burst is ready to, uh, burst onto the scene (sorry). Jangly indie rock, candy-coated melodies, a high sing-a-long-able quotient. There is a reason the band calls themselves “glitter emo alt rock.” Its because thats exactly what they are. It’s why MTV called them “the best of emo and shoegaze.” So check out the positively catchy jammer “Walk In The Woods” or the head swaying self-reflection of “Better Off.”

The Mastersons "No Time For Love Songs (RTP)"

From the official PR:
No Time for Love Songs explores the emotional challenges of a morally compromised era, and reflects the experiences that the pair has accumulated in their travels. Those experiences helped to inspire the big-hearted songcraft of such compelling new tunes as “Spellbound,” “Circle the Sun,” “Eyes Open Wide,” “The Silver Line,” “There Is A Song to Sing,” and the album’s poignant title track, and showcase the Mastersons’ organic harmonies, stirring melodies and insightful lyrics, which consistently offer clear-eyed optimism in the face of loss and discouragement.
Check out the title track!