Past Releases

Biznaga "Gran Pantalla (Slovenly)"

From Slovenly Records:
Madrid’s BIZNAGA are back with their 3rd long player, but what the band itself considers in a way to be their first album, in that they’ve broken from the way they normally put together a record (as a collection of songs that work independently from one another). For “Gran Pantalla”, they’ve written an album knowing that in 2k20, our every move & inquiry will continue to be recorded for eventual (or perhaps immediate) observation by someone on the other side of a Big Screen, after being processed by The Algorithm. Whatever we search for will later find us. The screen has captured us — so sit back, relax, and enjoy it. 
“Gran Pantalla” is twelve tracks recorded & mixed by Raúl Peréz in Sevilla, mastered in Berlin by Tim Warren (Crypt Records). Performing entirely in Castellano (with heavily deep lyrics), and even working some flamenco handclaps into the mix, BIZNAGA is Spanish as fuck. If Joe Strummmer were actually from Granada, The Clash would have sounded something like this. 
Check out “RK20”.

Six Organs Of Admittance "Companion Rises (Drag City)"

At this point, I think we all know what to expect from Six Orders Of Admittance, right? I mean, sure, its generally something unexpected, but… you know. Within the wheelhouse of SOOA. Companion Rises (Drag City) is no exception. A bright, psych-folk excursion with more twists and turns than… uh… some famous road with a lot of twists and turns? I don’t know. I’m not a mapmaker. I am a blurb writer, and this one is just about done. At least, it will be once I recommend you check out the trippy “Two Forms Moving.”

Lee Ranaldo & Raul Refree "Names Of North End Women (Mute)"

To talk too much about all the experimentally behind the songs on Lee Ranaldo & Raul Refree’s Names Of North End Women (Mute) would do a disservice to the actual songs. So let’s instead talk about the result, which sounds to me like if late era David Byrne decided to release an album of songs that he thinks sound like Tom Waits songs without ever actually having heard any. I know, very weird description. But it totally makes sense. Just give the title track “Name Of North End Women” a spin and see what I mean!

Warning: contains Strobe light effects.

Slander Tongue "Slander Tongue (Slovenly)"

From Slovenly Records:


Slovenly Recordings welcomes Germany’s suave rock’n’roll true-believers SLANDER TONGUE to our stable of international beat group sensations! On their debut, self titled LP (that’s this one you’re holding here, Mac), we have a heady brew of solid gold Real Kids vibes, with guitar solos that don’t allow for the passing of urine during between-song pauses. Think of Johnny Thunders sharing a ride with Fred “Sonic” Smith, while Ian Hunter and Chris Bailey are drunk in the backseat howling along to a beat up tape of “Goat’s Head Soup.” Birthed at a sonic orgy in the V.I.P. closet at Berlin’s famed Wowsville haunt, Slander Tongue slithered out to the crowd as a four headed beast with its ass planted firmly and forevermore at the bar. With lead duties vociferously handled by Automatic Axel of Bikes / Modern Pets, and propelled by King Khan and his Shrines sticks man Johnboy Adonis together with local roll-idols Klaus H. and Andres “Chico” M., Slander Tongue has got its rhythm stripped down to the bare essentials, and their bluesy boogie set to wiggle ya from a grimy dancefloor to the boudoir.

Rock out along to “Soozie Stooge.”